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Gypsum Concrete Underlayments


Super Blue is a cost-effective solution to satisfy acoustical ratings and fire codes in multi-family construction. Designed for application over plywood or OSB subflooring, FIRM-FILL® Gypsum Concrete delivers a smooth, flat surface for finished floor coverings. 


Installed over wood subfloors, FIRM-FILL® 2010+ delivers optimal compressive strengths while providing improved STC and IIC ratings in multi-family and single family construction. Reengineered to create a flatter, harder, and smoother surface for finished floor coverings. 


Premier gypsum underlayment ideal for wood frame, light commercial, renovation, and hospitality projects. FIRM-FILL® 3310 Classic requires less water, allowing for accelerated drying time and unparalleled levels of strength and finish. 


A unique poured floor underlayment, FIRM-FILL® 3310+ delivers best-in-class performance. It is ideal over wood subfloors to maximize sound control and is integral in a UL fire rated floor/ceiling assembly. 


Solid, cost-effective solution for producing a durable, firm surface for finished floor coverings. Can also correct concrete problems in light commercial, renovation, and repair projects. 


Engineered for thin capping existing concrete floors that may be damaged, jagged, or uneven. FIRM-FILL® 4010+ provides outstanding bonding characteristics to give old concrete floors new life. 


Ideal for multi-family and mid-rise commercial projects with light-gauge steel frame construction and corrugated metal deck. FIRM-FILL® CMD is an economical solution to build higher and faster and still achieve a smooth, flat surface. 


Designed specifically for use in hydronic or electrical radiant heat systems. GYP-SPAN Radiant® is the perfect solution in custom residential housing to create a thermal mass for even distribution of heat where it matters most - under your feet. 

True Screed.JPG

TRUE-SCREED® Cementitious Leveling Underlayment (CLU) is a budget-friendly, cement-based underlayment that is recommended for cracked or damaged concrete, new construction and renovation projects, as well as commercial buildings.

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