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Sound Control Mats

At just 1/8" (3mm), FIRM-FILL® SCM -125 delivers big noise reduction results, while maintaining a low profile. Ideal for multi-family construction when the gypsum concrete floor is less than 1", FIRM-FILL® SCM-125 creates smoother floor transitions between carpet and hard surface areas.

FIRM-FILL® SCM-250 is a cost-effective solution to address STC/IIC requirements in multi-family construction. Tested by independent, third party test facilities, this 1/4" (6mm) sound control mat is proven to increase STC/IIC levels in wood frame construction. 

For luxury, high end multi-family projects, FIRM-FILL® SCM-400 delivers extraordinary IIC values. At 3/8" (10mm) thick, FIRM-FILL® SCM-400 provides additional noise control when a thicker mat is specified. There is minimal deflection and no creep or long-term degradation. 

Provides excellent sound performance in the mid and high range frequencies. At 3/4" (19mm), FIRM-FILL® SCM-750 has the largest air void of any sound control mat, dramatically improving sound attenuation in critical applications. Ideal in assemblies with challenging noise control requirements.

Hacker Sound Mat II is 1/4" (6mm), dimpled mat designed to maximize IIC ratings while meeting indoor air standards. Composed of 90% recycled rubber and is designed to provide a quieter environment and meet the most demanding project specifications.

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